Why not modernise your companies phone system with a 3CX Voip Phone System that works with IP based phones, SIP trunks and VoIP gateways to provide you with a complete PBX solution?

Used by over 30,000 companies globally, the 3CX system uses cutting-edge technology to provide a powerful, flexible, yet easy to manage system which costs a fraction of what a hardware PBX.

Some of the benefits of the 3CX system include:

  • Central control from the 3CX Management Console.
  • Choose from popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways or SIP Trunks.
  • No extensive telecom knowledge required.
  • Open standards – vendor dependent.
  • Fully Hosted no servers or PBX in your office to fail

3CX also comes with clients for smartphones which are compatible with iPhone’s, Android Phones and Windows phones. This allows users to use their office extension from anywhere in the world just as easily as if they were sat in their office. All calls to other office extensions are completely free of charge.

  • Take your extension wherever you go.
  • All calls to extensions on the 3CX system are completely free.
  • Increase your productivity by being able to work anywhere.
  • Have remote workers connected to the office at all times.
  • One number … no need to give out your mobile number, just your office one.



Moving onto the 3CX system typically allows companies to reduce their telephone costs by as much as 80% as you can take advantage of using SIP trunks, free calling to remote users & other offices, and reducing the number of fixed telephone lines required in your premises.

  • Save on call costs with lower mobile & customer service number bills.
  • Easily add / remove extensions as no user licences are required.
  • Know who’s calling using CRM Integration.

Want to see it for yourself then please click here for your business phone system for 12 months either hosted or on-premise

Try 3CX’s free Phone System Hosted on Google, OVH or on-premise
Get the free edition of 3CX’s business VoIP phone system with one year free hosting on Google Cloud. 3CX’s free business phone system includes free web conferencing participants and unlimited extensions. You can even bring your own SIP Trunk – no need to set up a new one. Use your free business phone system either on-premise on Windows or Linux or in the Cloud.

Hosted by 3CX – a free phone system for one year

OR Self host – on YOUR cloud account

On-premise: on Windows or Linux

Zero admin – automated admin tasks

Most secure phone system on the market

WebRTC based web conferencing

Mobility: clients for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

Contact us today on 01202091922 or if you want us to take the work out of setting this up for you.  We can also supply all your SIP trunks handsets and anything you may require to fully use the 3CX phone system














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